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The Signs That A Basement In Benson Needs Waterproofing:

When it comes to spotting problems in your basement, the experts at Coastal are here to help. Here is our list of things to watch out for in your basement:
Sinking Settling Crawl Space

Standing Water

Water in your basement results from groundwater entering your basement from where the wall meets the floor. For our waterproofing experts, this is one of our most common problems in a basement.
Sagging Floors Crawl Space

High Humidity and Foul Odors

Another problem is high humidity and foul odors. This issue is the combination of continued water intrusion with poor ventilation. Nine times out of ten, this issue is a precursor to a mold problem.
Cracks Foundation Wall

Signs of Water Damage in a Finished Basement

Water damage (or water spots) is a sign you need waterproofing in your finished basement. If your basement smells musty, look for condensation or wet spots. Check places like walls, furniture, and floors for water problems in your basement.
sticking windows doors

Sump Pump Problems

Another sign your basement could use some help: a damaged sump pump. A working sump pump is the cornerstone of any basement waterproofing system. And if it's not working, water from a storm can flood your basement.
sticking windows doors


Mold in your basement is the common result of excessive moisture and humidity. Keeping mold out of your basement is vital because up to 50% of the air in your home comes from your lower level.

Coastal’s Approach To Basement Repair And Waterproofing In Benson

We're committed to keeping your home safe, secure, and comfortable at Coastal. Unlike our competitors, we refuse to cut corners. Our approach to basement repair in Benson is thorough, and our solutions will provide peace of mind for years. Click the link below to learn more about how we can help keep your home dry.

At Coastal, We Offer Wet Basement Repair In Benson

Having water in your basement can be frustrating, but it's a problem you don't have to live with. Coastal's waterproofing specialists in Benson know how to remedy your wet basement problems, keeping your home reliably dry when the weather hits. Contact us today for a FREE quote, and see why homeowners in Benson choose Coastal!

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