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Common Crawl Space Problems in Marlboro

When it comes to spotting problems in your crawl space, the experts at Coastal are here to help. Here is our list of things to watch out for in your crawl space:
Sinking Settling Crawl Space

Humid, Damp, Musty Crawl Spaces

The first signs of a troubled crawl space are if it's humid, damp, or has a musty smell. This is often the result of very high relative humidity or even standing water in your crawl space.
Sagging Floors Crawl Space

Sagging Floors

Another common problem is a sagging floor above a crawl space. This problem is often caused by high humidity and moisture, leading to wood rot and a sagging floor.
Cracks Foundation Wall

Rotting Wood

Rotting wood causes structural problems and is common in a crawl space. You can tell you have rotting wood if your crawl space has a musty, earthy smell, and if your floors have begun to sag or have soft spots.
sticking windows doors

Wet Crawl Space

A wet crawl space is a frequent problem for homes in North Carolina. It's caused by groundwater penetration or outright flooding from heavy rains.
sticking windows doors


Mold in a crawl space is the common result of excessive moisture and humidity. Keeping mold out of your crawl space is vital. Because up to 50% of the air that you breathe on your first floor, comes directly from your crawl space.

At Coastal, We Offer Reliable Crawl Space Repair in Marlboro

We’re committed to keeping your home safe, secure, and comfortable at Coastal. Unlike our competitors, we refuse to cut corners. Our approach to crawl space repair is thorough, and our solutions will provide peace of mind for years to come. Contact us today for a FREE quote, and see why homeowners in Marlboro choose Coastal!

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