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Signs Of A Damaged Foundation In Franklinton

When it comes to spotting foundation problems, the experts at Coastal are here to help. Here is our list of common foundation problems to watch for in your home:
Sinking Settling Crawl Space

Sinking and Settling

Have you noticed sticking doors and windows in your home? Are your floors beginning to sag, or is your foundation cracking? These are signs of a sinking and settling foundation. For many, this could be a challenge to remedy but not for the experts at Coastal. We have decades of experience permanently stabilizing homes.
Sagging Floors Crawl Space

Leaning Walls

A leaning basement wall is an unmistakable sign of a foundation problem. Caused by hydrostatic pressure, a leaning basement puts your safety at risk because it compromises the structural integrity of your home.
Cracks Foundation Wall

Bowing Walls

A bowing basement wall is another sign of a foundation problem. Also caused by hydrostatic pressure, a bowing wall originates at the weakest point in the wall, the middle. The foundation experts at Coastal have a wide range of permanent solutions for bowing walls.
sticking windows doors

Cracking Walls

Cracking foundation walls is a widespread problem in North Carolina. This issue has a variety of causes and the solutions for repair range from simply sealing to more in-depth repairs.
sticking windows doors

Sticking Windows and Doors

Sticking doors and windows are often the first sign of foundation trouble. This can be caused by your foundation starting to bow, lean, or sink. Call Coastal today for a FREE inspection. Our experts can help determine the best remedy to keep your home safe and secure.

At Coastal, We Offer Permanent Foundation Repairs In Franklinton

Coastal is the answer when you need permanent solutions to damaging foundation problems. We're committed to keeping your home safe, secure, and comfortable at Coastal. Unlike our competitors, we refuse to cut corners. Our approach to foundation repair is thorough, and our solutions will provide peace of mind for years to come. Contact us today for a FREE quote, and see why homeowners in Franklinton choose Coastal!

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