Building Trust and Stability: How Coastal Crawl Space Repair Delivered Long-Term Foundation Solutions for New Construction with Corbitt Norris

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Problem: Need for Reliable Foundation Services in New Construction

Corbitt Norris, engaged in a new construction project, faced a challenge prevalent in the building industry—securing a dependable foundation repair service that provides lasting value.

His previous collaboration with another company fell short due to the discontinuation of crucial annual service check-ups, vital for maintaining the foundation’s durability and the structure’s overall integrity.

Solution: Tailored and Comprehensive Service by Coastal Crawl Space & Foundation Repair

Choosing CCFR

In search of superior service, Corbitt was compelled to transition to Coastal Crawl Space & Foundation Repair (CCFR), influenced by our competitive rates and our commitment to offering annual service check-ups, a critical feature that set us apart from competitors.

Custom Solutions for Corbitt’s New Construction

To address the specific needs of his project, CCFR proposed a comprehensive solution that included:

  • A durable 20 mil nylon reinforced liner installed throughout the crawlspace, extending up the walls and meticulously sealed to prevent moisture ingress.
  • Armor Board insulation, two inches in thickness, installed along the entire inner perimeter of foundation walls for enhanced thermal protection.
  • Specialized wrapping of crawl space piers with a 20 mil liner to block moisture and protect the structure’s integrity.
  • An Aprilaire 100 pint dehumidifier equipped with air filtration to control humidity levels and improve air quality within the space.
  • A reliable condensate pump designed to efficiently drain the dehumidifier, ensuring continuous operation.
  • Two custom-built PVC access doors for secure and convenient entry to the crawlspace areas.
  • Per Corbitt’s request, batt insulation was installed in the rim joist instead of the armor board, catering to his specific insulation preferences and requirements.

Implementing the Solution

With the guidance of our design specialist, Justin, the transition to CCFR’s services was seamless and well-communicated. Our installation crew showcased their professionalism and attention to detail, promptly addressing any additional touch-ups to uphold the high standards of installation.

Ongoing Support

CCFR’s commitment to Corbitt did not end with the installation. Our annual service check-ups ensure that his new construction remains protected and maintained, offering him peace of mind and a safeguard for his investment.


Corbitt Norris’s experience with CCFR illustrates our dedication to not only meeting immediate needs but also providing ongoing support and maintenance.

This case study is a testament to our promise of delivering customer-focused solutions and long-term value in foundation services for new construction projects.

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