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Foundation Issues

Why Is My Foundation Sinking?

The cause of a sinking and settling foundation is soil erosion beneath the concrete slab that supports your home. There are many reasons that soil could be shifting and giving way—ranging from when the soil has excessive moisture to being of a particular type that isn't ideal for load-bearing.

How Does Coastal Repair A Sinking Foundation?

To stabilize your sinking and settling foundation, Coastal is here to help. We provide homeowners with lasting solutions such as:

Push Piers

Piering is the technique of driving oversized screws into the foundation under your home into the bedrock below. Firmly in place, the pier is then adjusted with a hydraulic jack to raise your home's foundation. Once returned to the right level, it is then bolted into place.

Helical Piles

Piles are a similar technique to piering, except they are long posts of galvanized steel vs. screws. Piles are used when there is more soil than bedrock under a home. Once a firm foundation is reached, the piles are adjusted with jacks that raise and stabilize your home.

Structural Repair

Coastal has the experience to know that no two foundation repairs are the same. That's why our approach to structural replacements is all-encompassing. Our permanent solutions range from sealing basement cracks to foundation excavation and replacement.

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Coastal is dedicated to providing the best repair options for the problems affecting your home. Let our previous customers explain how Coastal delivered lasting solutions for their crawl space, foundation, roofing, or basement needs.


Yes, We Offer Financing Options

The need for home repairs can be sudden and costly. For this reason, we offer our customers financing options for any of the services we offer.

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