Why Are My Windows & Doors Sticking All Of A Sudden?

The primary cause for windows and doors sticking is a shifting foundation. Your foundation often shifts because of the interaction of water and soil around it, called hydrostatic pressure. This pressure can build up without adequate drainage around your foundation, causing water to press against it. Over time, this pressure becomes too much for your foundation, causing it to move and shift. This movement spreads through your home, causing windows and doors to shift and get stuck.

How We Fix The Causes Of Sticking Windows And Doors:

To help fix your sticking windows and doors, Coastal is here to help. We provide homeowners with lasting solutions, such as:

Helical Piers

Helical Piers

A helical pier is a steel foundation pin with helices just like screws. These earth anchoring devices are driven into the soil using a hydraulic system and are designed for deep foundation support. Once the foundation has been adjusted and permanently stabilized, the helical piers are bolted firmly into place.
Push Piers

Push Piers

Push piers (also known as Pilings) is a technique where heavy gauge steel pipes are driven down into the bedrock below, then attached to the foundation itself, in order to remedy settling or failing foundations.
Steel Beam

Steel Beams

Steel beams (I-Beams) are a permanent solution for a damaged foundation. These beams are placed every 5 to 6 feet and bracketed into the floor and ceiling. They act as a brace and prevent your foundation from shifting any further. At Coastal, we use steel beams in many of our foundation repairs for one reason: they stand the test of time.

Permanent Support

Coastal has the experience, and we know that every foundation issue is unique to that structure. That's why our approach to structural repairs are custom to your home. Our solutions range from sealing cracks to lifting and leveling foundations with jacks to offer permanent stabilization.

Yes, We Offer Financing Options

The need for home repairs can be sudden and costly. That's why, we offer our customers financing options for any of the services we offer.

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