Why Are My Basement Walls Bowing?

Bowing walls are caused by the interaction of water and soil around your foundation, called hydrostatic pressure. This pressure builds up because your foundation has poor drainage, causing water to press against it. Over time, this pressure becomes too much for your foundation, causing damage.

How Does Coastal Fix Bowing Walls

To stabilize your bowing walls, Coastal is here to help. We provide homeowners with lasting solutions, such as:

Steel Beams

Steel beams (I-Beams) are a permanent solution to leaning basement walls. These beams are placed every 5 to 6 feet and bracketed into the floor and ceiling. They act as a brace and prevent your bowing walls from going any further. At Coastal, we use steel beams in many of our foundation repairs for one reason: they stand the test of time.

Carbon Fiber

A less invasive option over steel beams is carbon fiber strapping. This repair method works on the same principle as steel beams, except the carbon fiber straps (a material created by NASA) weigh a fraction of a steel beam. Attached with adhesive and anchored to your foundation, you can paint over them for a near-seamless finish.

Structural Replacement

Coastal has the experience, and we know that every foundation issue is unique to that structure. That's why our approach to structural repairs are custom to your home. Our solutions range from sealing cracks to lifting and leveling foundations offering permanent stabilization.

Reviews From Satisfied Coastal Crawl Space Customers

Coastal is dedicated to providing the best repair options for the problems affecting your home. Let our previous customers explain how Coastal delivered lasting solutions for their crawl space, foundation, roofing, or basement needs.


Yes, We Offer Financing Options

The need for home repairs can be sudden and costly. That's why, we offer our customers financing options for any of the services we offer.

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